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Succo Marcio

artists and people
Lele Battista music producer
Alberto Fortis
Andrea Bonfanti
Diego Grippo drummer
Matteo Cattaneo guitarist/music producer
Simone Casale bassist
Andrea Ragona keyboardist
Valerio Ziglioli artist and drummer
Giorgio Mastrocola guitarist
Beppe Fiori bassist
Luca Campagnari drummer
Umberto Iervolino music producer
Lele Melotti
i Melt rock band
Enrico ‘Kikkoz’ Palmosi
 music producer
Silvio Mason videomaker
Andrea Trapasso music producer
Alessandro Fizzotti radio television speaker
Francesco Corvino drummer
Giorgio Secco guitarist
Lorenzo Poli bassist
Mario Natale music producer
Orazio Nicoletti bassisit
Vanni Antonicelli keyboardist
Tony Princiotta guitarist
Giuliano Ros bassist

i worked with
New Tone agency
 entertainment, music & show
 commercials, virals & more
Im Social best fan experience
Ina Arts
Safe and Sound promotion
Barley Arts
live promotion
Red&Blue music relations
Teatro Sociale di Como
Area Sanremo
Self distribution
Le Ombre Studio recording
MAS music arts & show
Officine Meccaniche recording studio
Zimbalam by believe digital